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Welcome to EDFM

We help suppliers to understand the independent sector by analyzing data from over 4000 Independent/Symbol stores.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services And Provide
Complete Client Satisfication

EDFM are based in Rutland and our team have many years experience of dealing with the Independent convenience sector. 

Well Estabilshed

EDFM has been at the forefront of the Independent and Symbol convenience store market for over 13 years. We enable organisations to harness the power of EPoS sales data to drive strategic insights, enhance decision-making processes, and unlock the full potential of the UK independent C-store market.

Tailored Solutions

With a team of skilled data engineers, account managers and analysts, EDFM provides comprehensive data solutions tailored to your specific needs. The team have decades worth of experience between them, specialising in multiple fields, from data collection and cleansing to advanced analytics and account management.

Driven Relationships

We have long-standing data-provision relationships with some of the biggest multi-national data organisations in the world, as well as major players in the UK grocery / convenience market. These clients have come to rely on the reliability, accuracy, and breadth of data coverage in the C-sector.

Some of Our Clients

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